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The Vital Connection of The Brain to the Rest of the Body


As a Chiropractor in Mission Viejo for over 35 years now, it has become very commonplace for me to have to teach and explain to people that the nervous system is the VITAL CONNECTION between your brain and the rest of your body.

The brain isn’t just where your thoughts are occurring.  It is where the nerve cells start and organize into cords of billions of nerve fibers to create your spinal cord.  Your spinal cord extends down your back, protected by your spinal bones, and then branches in the various numerous nerves that go EVERYWHERE IN YOUR BODY.  

The best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo, or anywhere for that matter, usually does a complete consultation regarding your symptoms in your 1st visit to the office.  

You usually come in because of 1 main complaint.  Then, as the questions are asked of you, there are many other symptoms that may be happening.  But you don’t think those are related to the visit because you have that main complaint in mind.  As a Chiropractor, Mission Viejo is a great place to practice because people are usually very thorough.  So, they tell me everything. And, everything is related!! 

At that point, it is very truthful to say that everything the patient told me that was unwanted in their body is controlled by nerves that come out of the spine!  Yes, I mean everything.  

You can Google a picture of the Spinal Nerve Chart and see where all of the nerves go.  That would be everywhere! You could also Google an Autonomic Nerves chart (means AUTOMATIC) and see that every organ in your body is controlled by nerves from the spine.  Basically, everything is related to your spine.  

There is a constant stream of billions of messages that flow to keep your body working properly.  If the messages are blocked from something out of alignment in your spine, things do not work correctly.  

This is where even the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo could get criticized for saying that Chiropractor could CURE ANYTHING.  Chiropractors have been put down for over 100 years by people saying that.  The truth of the matter is that even the best Chiropractic care doesn’t CURE ANYTHING.  Our treatment restores BODY FUNCTION. Then, your body heals itself. Your body does the curing, not the treatment.  

Once you understand that concept, then you have it as far as what Chiropractic care can do for you.  To be fully alive you need to be fully connected. My job is to remove the interference in your nervous system to facilitate the function of your entire body.  YOUR BODY WILL DO THE REST!!  

You see, the messages from your nervous system control everything.  If the connection stopped, you would die, like a broken neck. But, if there is just interference caused by misalignments, you get 60% less function.  This was proven by a Chinese Medical Doctor. He found that if there is only 6 ounces of pressure on a nerve, the flow and function of that nerve drops down to 40% at best.  

The misalignments are called “subluxations”.  That is a minor misalignment of the spine causing nerve interference and a loss of health.  How would your health be if you were only functioning at 40%? Not too good is the correct answer. 

 My job as the Chiropractor in Mission Viejo is to correct these subluxations.  The reason I am considered the ‘best” Chiropractor is because I am a specialist.  Instead of all of that “popping and cracking” that a traditional Chiropractor does, I use 6 ounces of pressure to push the bone back to the correct place.  There is no guessing. The irritated nerves are measured using a heat sensor during the treatment to know exactly when the bone is in the right place.  

Because of that correction, most of our maintenance patients only need 2 visits per year.  You’ll need no “cracking” and only 2 treatments per year once you are corrected.  

Why shouldn’t you get checked out?  It is only $25 instead of $290 if you mention this blog.  Your health depends on it.

All the best,

Dr. David C. Manago D. C. 

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