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The Immune System Plays a Vital Role In Fighting COVID-19


In this time with the pandemic of the coronavirus, your immune system is a very important subject.  It is at the core of this whole situation. Those people with a weak immune system, older in age, and harboring other unhandled health issues are the most susceptible to the current problem.  

As a chiropractor in Mission Viejo, I know that those people that take care of their immune system, exercise, eat right, take vitamin supplements, get enough sleep and drink alkaline ionized water have the best resistance to any illness other than normal aging.  That one we haven’t figured out yet!

I have been a Mission Viejo Chiropractor for 35 years.  As a natural health care provider, I run a “wellness clinic” to provide you with a highly functioning immune system that works 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 24/7.  

Many seemingly unrelated things have shown to build your immune system.  Written by Leo Buscaglia, “If a wife kisses her husband goodbye in the morning, he lives five years longer.”  That sounds like fun to me!

The point is from the best chiropractor in Mission Viejo, you have an incredible healing ability protecting you all of the time.  It has many levels: your skin and mucous membranes in your nose and throat create a physical barrier to invasion, digestive juices dissolve germs, urine cleans your urinary tract and skin secretions kill many germs when you’re alive.  

Other defenses include fever to ”burn off” infections, swelling to bring healing to injured areas and specialized cells that attack and devour intruders.  And, this whole system is controlled by your nervous system.  

Many factors have an effect on the incidence of immune diseases.  Everything from childhood vaccinations to emotions affects your health.  A depressed person generally has a depressed immune system. A happy person has a healthier one.

Communication plays a big role in everything.  Unexpressed feelings depress immune response, but more importantly, relationships strengthen your immune system.  

People, relationships are what nourishes and keeps everyone alive… connections, which may be keeping a plant growing, a goldfish, a child or a spouse.  That’s why women live longer than men and married men live longer than single men with the same cancers. If you have connections, you keep going. All of these connections are healthy.

People with pets have fewer minor health problems, require fewer visits to the doctor and less medication, and have fewer risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.  

Many other things boost your immune system:  inspiring stories and even comedy! Laughter and humor improve your immune defenses against colds and cancer, decrease your stress hormone levels and are protective against heart conditions and high blood pressure.   

When I, as the Mission Viejo Chiropractor correct your spine, every adjustment helps your immune system.  This happens because the hormones that control and facilitate your immune system function are released with every adjustment.  This is true along with the fact that the adjustments I make, with 6 ounces of pressure, have no inflammatory results because there is no “popping and cracking”.  

I am a specialist that doesn’t do any forceful manipulation.  Correcting your spine assures you that your function is maximized.

In one study it was found that the three most common reasons for visiting a chiropractor were ear, nose, and throat/respiratory disorders followed by musculoskeletal disorders and gastrointestinal disorders.  

In that study seventy-four, patients reported improvements unrelated to their presenting complaints such as improved sleep, improved immune function, and improved mood.  Why wouldn’t you do that for yourself or any else for that matter?

If you want to have your best chances against the coronavirus now, and into the future, you must get your immune system up to the highest possible level it can go.  

There is no other insurance that this, or any virus would never get to you.  But, it is the knowledge that your immune system is at a premium that gives you the confidence moving forward.

Everyone deserves this!!

Please call my office to make an appointment.  If you mention this blog, the cost goes from $290 for a complete consultation, examination and x-ray, down to $25.  

People are dying right now because of a weak or non-existent immune system.

There is no better time.

All the best,

Dr. David C. Manago D. C.    

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