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The Chiropractor in Mission Viejo Debunks Chiropractic Myths


I hope that this blog finds you doing well and feeling well during the holidays.  As a Mission Viejo Chiropractor for over 35 years now, I have seen many changes in this area.  

The purpose of this writing is to explain to you from the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo exactly what Chiropractic is all about instead of what most people think.  

The first big point that has been misused when speaking about Chiropractic care is that the Chiropractors are saying that our care can cure everything.  Speaking as a 37-year practitioner, I want to tell you the truth. Chiropractic doesn’t cure anything! This has been misunderstood since Chiropractic was founded in 1895.  

The truth is that everything is related to the spine and the nervous system.  So, one could say with conviction that everything is related to the spine. But, correcting the spine doesn’t necessarily get rid of everything.  The underlying truth is that THE BODY HEALS ITSELF. If there are pinched nerves coming from the spine, then that area will not function properly and the body CANNOT HEAL ITSELF.  That is why we can help so many conditions with Chiropractic care.  

The fact that we help so many conditions is that most all conditions are related to the nerves in the spine.  Therefore, the best Chiropractor treats the nerves through precise treatments. We as Chiropractors don’t treat conditions.  We treat BODY FUNCTION so that the body can heal itself. Contrary to that, if the nerves are being irritated by misalignments in the spine, and the spine is not corrected, how could the body heal itself?  You have to realize that your body could not heal unless the function is restored.  

Let’s take some often-used attempts to get healthy that people use.  Many people say they are eating better, therefore they are getting healthier.  Well it is certainly true that eating better is a good idea. But, if there is a Chiropractic problem where the spine is out of alignment and the nerves are being irritated, is eating right going to fix that?  Obviously not!

How about exercise?  Of course, exercise is of great importance for you to be healthy.  If you have a Chiropractic problem would exercising realign your spine and unpinch the nerves?  Obviously not! Some people actually think that if they exercise and stretch it will realign their spine.  Actually, that will not correct the misalignments so that the nerves are free and the function goes up. 

Another terrible idea is to take drugs.  Many people tell me that they get headaches, but they just take an over the counter drug and it goes away.  Is that really fixing the cause of the problem, or just covering it up? Obviously not fixing the underlying cause of the headaches.  

Even your Medical doctor is misinformed.  I am sure many of you have very good well-respected doctors who take care of you for your overall health.  But, none of them are educated in the fact that the nervous system needs to be fully free by aligning your spine in order for you to function well.  Most of what I hear lately is that any time the spine is off at all, the doctor uses the term “slight scoliosis”, which is a completely separate condition.  In fact, only the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo could actually correct the nervous system effects of that problem.  

Many people with a misaligned spine have been told about a slight scoliosis and that immediately means to them that nothing can be done about it.  Well that is totally false.  

So, on a truthful note, when a problem of misalignment exists in the spine, wherever the nerves go is the part of the body that gets affected.  This is called a SUBLUXATION. That is what the best Chiropractors correct. Not just treat, actually correct.  

Subluxation means that the spine is misaligned causing irritation to the nerve and a loss of body function.  Your body starts to lose its ability to heal itself. Along with that, there is irritation to the joint or joints involved and inflammation as a result.  The result is swelling and the process of degeneration.  

Many people in natural health care have talked about “inflammation” being the silent killer.  The reason for that is, you could have nerve irritation and inflammation, but you may not have any pain.  That is the dangerous part.

Degeneration occurs in your body whether or not you have pain.  The most important degeneration we see is disc degeneration. Before the disc starts the process of degeneration, there is swelling to the disc.  On an MRI, this would be called a “disc herniation”.  

I can tell you that we have before and after proof that our care has corrected herniated discs visibly seen on an MRI!!  The doctors still don’t believe this could happen. They think that when there is a disc herniation, the only way to fix it is by using surgery.  This is TRULY NOT THE CASE. I consider my self to be the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo because I have been correcting the spine and these disc problems have healed with no surgery necessary.  

You owe it to yourself to find out if you are a candidate.  If so, the treatment is done with 6 ounces of pressure, no “popping and cracking”.  And, the disc is rehabilitated with the Disc Rehab Table we use.  

Please call and mention this blog.  If you are a candidate we will find out on your first visit and verify that before we start on the 2nd visit.  

Yours in good health,

Dr. David C. Manago D. C.      
Chiropractor in Mission Viejo

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