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The Best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo Helps Your Body Heal Itself


Many people say that chiropractors declare they can “cure” everything.  Well, this is truly not the case.  Chiropractic actually doesn’t cure anything.  Our whole job is to correct the spine.  The miraculous ability to heal and cure things is in the healing power of the body.  

As a Mission Viejo chiropractor, I am reminding you that the body heals itself.

If you ever had a cut, it went away because your body healed the cut.  A broken bone works the same way.  After you set it correctly, the body heals the broken bone.  The best chiropractor in Mission Viejo will tell you “THE BODY HEALS ITSELF”.  

There is just one key point.  The body has to be functioning at its’ best in order to do that.  The chiropractor has the job of freeing the nervous system so that can and will happen.  That is our job.

I’ve been known as the best chiropractor in Mission Viejo because of the fact that I measure the nerves as I treat you.  The measurements are done with a heat sensor.  In health care, this is called Thermography.  I can tell when I correct your spine with 6 ounces of pressure, no “popping and cracking”, that the nerves are free of irritation when you are corrected.  That’s when “THE BODY HEALS ITSELF.”

Just to show you the relationship of disease to spinal irritation, there was a study done called The Winsor Autopsies.  This was done by a medical doctor named Dr. Henry Winsor from Philadelphia, PA.  

Of course, he was intrigued by patients who returned to health using chiropractic or osteopathic spinal care.  The main question he wondered about was, “How do chiropractors and osteopaths get people better without drugs or surgery?”.  

The best chiropractors will know of this.  He planned a unique experiment—he dissected human and animal cadavers to see if there was a relationship between the health of the spine and any diseased organs that he found.

At the University of Pennsylvania (in Philadelphia) Dr. Winsor carried out his experiments.  He dissected 75 human and 22 cat cadavers, finding 221 diseased organs.  

You should know that every organ in the body is controlled by a nerve or nerves from the spinal cord.  Therefore, if you are suffering from some illness, it is very likely that your spine is affecting the area of illness.  

When he did his study, Dr. Winsor found 221 diseased organs, and 212 were related to the same area of the spine that was out of alignment.  

In other words, nearly 100% (96% to be exact) correlated with a problem in the corresponding spinal area.  So, does chiropractic care cure disease.  NO.  But, most disease in the body is related to the spine, and correcting the function by realigning the spine will help the BODY TO HEAL ITSELF, if possible, in many cases.

You should understand that the healing ability decreases as we age.  So, the ability to heal fully is different for every person.  Simply put, correcting the spine at any age gives the person the best chances to regain his health.  

Remember, we don’t treat disease.  We correct the misalignments in the spine and that allows the body to function and HEAL ITSELF.  

As a chiropractor practicing for 38 years, and 36 years in my office in Mission Viejo, I have seen many an internal problem go away even though the patient came in for back pain. 

For example, I have had 2 patients on different occasions come in for lower back and neck pain and informed me of an “unrelated” condition called Asthma.  Those 2 patients did not come to see me and get treated for that.  However, the Asthma went away!!

I had another patient about 72 years of age come to me with a heart condition and a pacemaker.  He came in for his lower back and also told me “I have had 37 heart attacks.”  I proceeded to get rid of his lower back pain over the course of about 3 months.  

Then he told me that he flushed all of his heart medication down the toilet.  I did not tell him to do anything like that.  He told his medical doctor he did it himself because he didn’t need it anymore.  Since his back was better, his blood pressure went back to normal.  

Now that was a shocking case even for me.  The point is only that THE BODY HAS A CHANCE TO HEAL ITSELF WHEN IT IS FUNCTIONING.  

I invite you to come in and take a look at your spine.  The most common things I treat are back pain, neck pain, and headaches.  Whatever else is going on would have a chance to go away if your spine can be corrected. 

You can call my office and say that you saw this blog.  That would lower the price from $290 to only $25 for the consultation, examination, and any x-rays you need.

All the best,

Dr. David C. Manago D. C. 

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