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The Best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo Can Treat Fibromyalgia


Being a Mission Viejo chiropractor provides me with a variety of successful family-minded people.  But, many of them come to me with this unusual diagnosis called “Fibromyalgia.”  I am saying that it is an unusual diagnosis because the best chiropractors know what it really means.  When you put that word in standard English terms, it comes from three different Latin terms.  

The first one is the word “fibrous”.  This denotes tissue in our body that comes from fiber.  That includes ligaments, tendons, and the tissue that surrounds the joints and muscles.

The second one is “myo”.  The word “myo” is simply a word for muscles.  

The third one is “algia”.  In English, algia means pain.

So, putting it all together gives you the word “fibromyalgia”.  This is a simple term for a series of aches and pains in the muscles and joints of your body.  A person usually tells the doctor that “everything hurts”.  

That makes one wonder why there is a diagnosis that means “everything hurts”.  As a 37-year practicing chiropractor, considered by many to be the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo, I am here to tell you the truth.

Some people may not like the truth to be told, but I feel that telling the truth is the only way for people to really win in the game of life.  So, here we go.

The medical doctors have annual meetings to come up with the newest diagnosis for a particular condition that patients come in with to their offices.  The reason they have to have a diagnosis is that each condition needs a diagnosis code. Once there is a diagnosis code, then drugs can be invented and sold to you for that condition.  How many of you reading this realize that the most money in health care is spent on drugs?

Since we are in an election year, the politicians do well when they can gain the support of the AMA because it is one of the richest groups in the world.  If a politician can gain their support, he is assured of plenty of financial backing overflowing into other large support groups.  

This is not a political discussion, one of the things that I refrain from discussing.  It is only spoken of here to illustrate that our people are spending their hard-earned money on drugs for a problem that the medical profession doesn’t know how to treat.  If people only knew that the best Chiropractor could help them with Fibromyalgia without the use of drugs, they could take a different path.

The key to the natural chiropractic way puts no poisons into your body, and does the correct things to get it to heal.  What a difference that would make.  

The standard medical approach is to use a combination of therapies, medication, physical therapy, counseling and support groups.  All of these have limited success and do not correct the underlying cause of the problem.  

Our chiropractic approach has great success.  With the use of spinal treatment using 6 ounces of pressure, no “cracking”, along with alkaline ionized water, exercise and nutrition, we help approximately 98% of the “fibromyalgia” sufferers.  

Even more than the condition of fibromyalgia, the underlying problems include, disc swelling and degeneration, untreated misalignments in the spine from traumas like auto accidents, slip and falls, hurting yourself lifting, contact sports, etc.  By the time you are 13 years old, the latest studies show that you have had about 1000 chances to misalign your spine and don’t even feel it.  

Most people come to me that are women because there are sometimes hormonal components, like the lack of Cortisol, which is a hormone that your body makes to stop inflammation and pain.  My practice is made up of 60% women and 40% men. Of course, women take better care of themselves than men, but that is a different discussion.  

The best chiropractor in Mission Viejo uses the fact that your body’s natural healing ability has been documented to heal nearly any disease or condition.  When your body is free of nerve interference coming from the spine, your self-healing ability is better able to deal with all your health problems, including fibromyalgia.  

Why not find out if we could help you?  If you mention this blog the 1st visit including any x-rays that you need would only be a $25 expense.  This is quite different than the normal fee of $290 if someone just walks in the door.  

My viewpoint is that people should be able to find out if we can help them for a very low entry fee.  I wouldn’t treat you unless I could prove to myself that you have a correctable condition. Once I know that I will show you all the facts of how we know that, and we can get going. 

So, call and mention this blog when you come in and you will receive this great discount on the 1st visit.  A whole new level of health awaits.  Your 1st visit is only $25.00.


Dr. David C. Manago D. C.


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