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The Best Chiropractor In Mission Viejo Can Get Rid Of Subluxation


If you are looking for a Chiropractor in Mission Viejo and you want the best one, I suggest you learn what I am about to show you if you want to correct your back and neck problems.

I am known as the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo for correcting ongoing problems and conducting a lot of patient education.  I do this in order for people to make the right choice when deciding which Chiropractor to go to in order the receive the right care.  Some people think it is unnecessary. I think there is nothing more important than your own health.  

I suggest you get a pencil and a big sheet of paper to follow me and create the diagram I am about to show you.  You should understand how to get the best Chiropractic care available. I can wait while you get the pencil and paper. . . . . 

To start with, draw a medium-size circle at the top of the page and write “brain” in the circle to represent your brain.  All of your nerves start in your brain.  

Then draw a few lines down to the next circle.  Make that circle and write “body” in the circle.  Label the lines as “nerves” going to the body. Your brain and body work together by sending the messages from the brain to the body, and then the body sends them back to let the brain know it is working.  

Draw another circle with a line from below the body and 1 line to connect it.  Then, label that circle with “function”. The brain sends the messages to the body so it can function.  That illustration is how you are built.  

Now put a long rectangle to the right of the nerves and write in it “subluxation”.  This is the name of what you would call a misalignment of the spine. The best Chiropractor would treat you to get rid of this subluxation, however many of them that there are don’t.  

Now that you have a subluxation, to the right of the function circle write “Mal-function at 40%”.  That’s what happens inside your body before you ever feel it.  

When there is mal-function going on, even though you don’t feel it, this leads to disease.  So, draw another circle with a connecting line from function, and write “disease process” in that circle.  A disease process also goes on in your body without you feeling it. It is like a tooth that has a cavity, but it does not hurt yet.    

The last circle with a connecting line to disease is below that, and that represents the symptoms that you are getting.  Write “symptoms” in that circle.  

This Brain-Body diagram is a graphic representation of what happens to you when there is an uncorrected Chiropractic problem.  As a result of subluxation, you could have headaches, sinus trouble and allergies, trouble sleeping, stomach, and digestive problems, fatigue, and stress, and 80% of the people have some unwanted pain.  Why would you want to continue to suffer? Well, I know you would not want to continue to have problems, but you need the right Chiropractor to fix it. 

The best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo would correct the subluxations 1st.  This restores the function in your body back towards 100% and allows it to heal itself and get well.  That is the real outcome you want.  

However, most people attack the problem in the wrong way.  Looking at your diagram most people work on the symptoms. They try drugs, Physical Therapy, surgery, or the old standard manual adjustment that most Chiropractors give them.  But the problem is that the subluxations are never really fixed. People don’t really get corrected. They only get short term relief from the adjustment.     

The reason is very simple.  A manual adjustment is not measuring the flow of the nerves.  Unless the nerves are completely free of irritation, the body will never heal fully.  The patient has to go back every week for the rest of his life just to get relief.  

Our method is done using a measuring tool, called a Thermography Device, to determine when the nerve is working at 100% while we are making the adjustment.  This is the difference that makes this the best Chiropractic care you could get. With all of the irritation off of your nerves, your body heals itself fully.  And, that is how our patients get well.  

We also regenerate discs using non-invasive disc therapy at the same time.  I have never had a patient who didn’t need disc rehabilitation. Since implementing the “disc table” patients are making twice as much progress in ½ the time.  The speed of recovery is fantastic.   

The results speak for themselves.  Most of our patients only need 1 visit every 6 months just like going to the Dentist for prevention.  I treat patients of all ages. That should be you!!

Call to make an appointment and mention this blog.  The initial examination would only be $25 instead of the usual $290.  You owe it to yourself to be well.  

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