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The Best Chiropractor in MIssin Viejo Can Help with Common Colds


Having practiced as a chiropractor in Mission Viejo, and becoming known as the best chiropractor in Mission Viejo, many people ask me about all of the things that chiropractic can help.  An unusual one that comes up many times is the common cold. Would you go to the chiropractor if you get frequent colds?  

Many people don’t think that way unless they are already a patient.  It is common for me to be treating someone for a back problem and they ask me if chiropractic could help them to get fewer colds.  So, I reply by asking them a few questions.  

First of all, how often do they usually get a cold?  The answer is often about once every 3 months. Then, I ask them how many colds they have had since I have been treating them.  The most common answer is that they haven’t gotten a cold in 7 months, or however long it has been since I have been treating them.  

Chiropractors and chiropractic care are not just for backs!!  Since your nervous system controls your entire body function, your immune system is strengthened every time you get chiropractic treatment.  As a specialist, I don’t do any “back cracking”. I use 6 ounces of pressure to make adjustments. The key, of course, is that we measure the nervous system with an infrared heat sensor and get the nerves completely free.  This is the best type of care because people actually get corrected rather than simple relief.  

There are actually reflex points on your head that I use to get rid of sinus trouble.  About 5% of my patients get some kind of sinus issues, and the treatment I give them corrects it in a day or 2.  

The common cold is associated with viruses that affect the nose, throat, larynx, and sinuses.  That means a stuffed and runny nose, scratchy throat, watery eyes, stuffed sinuses and congestion without a fever.

A popular falsehood is that if you are around someone who has a cold, you will probably catch it.  This is truly not the case. They actually did an experiment when viruses were placed directly on the mucous lining of peoples’ noses.  Only 12% of subjects came down with colds. The fact is that your body has its own ‘resistance to disease”. In order to get sick your resistance has to be low.  Your immune system has to be weak. There are many factors such as sugar that can cause a weak immune system. But, the most important part is what the best chiropractors correct, your nervous system.  

The medical approach to dealing with colds is to take drugs to slow down or stop the symptoms, not to cure the cause of the cold.  Taking aspirin or Tylenol for colds has proven to keep you sick longer because the drugs themselves weaken your immune system. Why would you want to do that?

Having been the best chiropractor in Mission Viejo for 35 years now has given me a lot of experience.  My own personal experience is that Chiropractic care got rid of my allergies when I was going to the interns in Chiropractic school.  I didn’t even think that I had a back problem. But, after x-rays and a visual look at my spine, I could see the problems. And, correcting them got rid of my Hay Fever as well as improving my overall health and well-being.  

Top-notch Mission Viejo Chiropractors correct what is called a “subluxation”.  This is a small distortion in the alignment of your spine causing nerve interference and a loss of function.  The best chiropractors treat subluxations to relieve the interference and restore your ability to function at your optimum.

But I take it one step further.  As the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo, we use 6 ounces of pressure to correct the spine, not just relieve it.  Using Thermography as a guide, we get the nerve irritation completely gone allowing your body to heal itself and truly reach maximum potential.  

The long-term difference is that most people have to go to the Chiropractor once a week, every 2 weeks, or at least once a month.  My corrected patients here in my Mission Viejo clinic only need between 2 and 4 visits per year to stay well.  And, we measure the nerve irritation and prove that it is gone every time they come in. This is how you get your health to be its best.

There are numerous case histories of chronic cold and flu sufferers having less or no colds after chiropractic care.  Why not you??

If you want to find out if you have a Chiropractic problem that can be corrected, come in and see the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo.  Mention this blog and the normal cost for a consultation, examination and x-rays will be reduced from $290 to only $25.  You owe it to yourself to find out. After all, it is your health we are talking about. 

All the best,

Dr. David C. Manago D. C. 

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