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 I was a previous patient from age 16-18 then again at age 23 (one month ago). I had pain from an accident in my back, neck and ankle. I was not treated by any other physicians. My Dad has been coming here for years and within 1 month I have no more pain! I can do my day to day routine on my own without pain. Quick recovery, very noticeable changes. 1/15/19 
Serena Romero
 I came to see Dr. Manago in November, 2018 for tendonitis in my shoulder, neck and had back pain that was so severe I could barely manage to get out of bed some days. It was caused by a car accident over 6 years ago. I had minor and temporary relief from treatment by 3-4 other chiropractors, 1 accupuncturist, an orthopedist, physical therapy, neurologist, pain management and an epidural in my neck and shoulder. I found Dr. Manago through a presentation at my office. Since being treated by Dr. Manago, I have had a 57% improvement in my lower back. I feel stronger and can work a full schedule again. I am in a better mood overall and improved concentration. The reduction of chronic pain has been amazing! 
Steve L.
 I first came to the office of Dr. Manago in August 2018. Had severe back pain; numbness in left leg and foot. Symptoms started in 2011 all of a sudden. Not sure how or why, but the pain prevented me from every activity or I did everything half-ass. I was treated by other physicians and sometimes the pain would temporarily subside, sometimes not. Usually a quick fix for a few days of relief. I was referred to Dr. Manago by the V.A. The results I have had with Dr. Manago have been significant. It has gotten so that I go through the day and don’t even notice that I once had debilitating back pain.  
Julie W.
 My husband had surgery on his back and was introduced to Dr. Manago in the early 1980's. With his help my husband has been pain free for many years. I have been resistent in going to a Chiropractor but with my husband's success I decided to give it a try. I had a stiff neck for many years and they were able to relieve the pain I had. I enjoy their holistic approach, not all about cracking bones. 
Matt D.
 I came to Dr. Manago highly recommended by a friend. I had extreme upper back and neck pain with limited mobility along with lingering lower back pain. Two and a half months later I've never felt better! I quickly regained full mobility in my neck, my upper back pain is completely gone and my lower back feels better than it has in years. Dr. Manago really knows his stuff but more importantly he's genuinely passionate about helping people live a healthy pain free life. Along those lines, education is a big part of his practice as he wants his patients to understand how the spine impacts every other area of the body. Couldn't be happier with my decision and couldn't be happier with the results!!! 
Nan W.
 My entire family receives care from Manago Chiropractic. For 23 years, Dr. Manago keeps me healthy and pain free. I appreciate the personal attention and flexible care plans that allow me to schedule with convenience. All three of my child began care with Dr. Manago within a few weeks of birth. As teenagers, they are healthy and strong athletes that rely on quality care. The light force adjustment technique works for me and my family and we appreciate the professionalism and level of care at Manago Chiropractic.