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 I have been suffering from scoliosis, degenerative discs, bone spurs in my neck.I was in constant pain and was relying on pain killers and gabapentin. I'd been to 2 other chiropractors, 2 pain management doctors, 3 orthopedic surgeons, and many physical therapies. I'd been treated with steroid injections and nerve blockers, which didn't help. I was put in traction, which only helped for a while, and pain pills do not help enough. Since seeing Dr. Manago, my pain has been decreasing and I was able to get off the gabapentin so far.  
 Several members of my family told me I need to see Dr. Manago, who were already patients of his, after I continued to complain about my severe back pain on my lower left side for the past 10+ years. It hurt me to stand, lay down and sit. Since being treated here so far, my pain has been reduced to a dull pain only occasionally while standing/walking. And I no longer get random sharp pain attacks in my lower back. 
Carlos Lopez Chavez
 I was involved in a car accident and began having back and neck pain, which was getting worse until I came to see Dr. Manago. Im now able to sleep more comfortably. The pain isn't there how it used to be. 
 I had an auto accident in 2006 which left me wiht extreme neck and back pain. I had pain management and PT which only gave me temporary relief. Finally I got permanent relief from Dr. Manago and my results have been very good. 
Matt D.
 I came to Dr. Manago highly recommended by a friend. I had extreme upper back and neck pain with limited mobility along with lingering lower back pain. Two and a half months later I've never felt better! I quickly regained full mobility in my neck, my upper back pain is completely gone and my lower back feels better than it has in years. Dr. Manago really knows his stuff but more importantly he's genuinely passionate about helping people live a healthy pain free life. Along those lines, education is a big part of his practice as he wants his patients to understand how the spine impacts every other area of the body. Couldn't be happier with my decision and couldn't be happier with the results!!! 
Austin Fordyce
 After a car accident, I had neck pain, and mid and lower back pain that would keep me up at night. I went to the ER after the accident but they didn't really do much about it. I found Dr. Manago on the internet and felt he would be able to help. After two months of treatments, I can work like normal again and my neck doesn't feel as stiff. My lower back is also getting a lot better. 
 I was a previous patient from age 16-18 then again at age 23 (one month ago). I had pain from an accident in my back, neck and ankle. I was not treated by any other physicians. My Dad has been coming here for years and within 1 month I have no more pain! I can do my day to day routine on my own without pain. Quick recovery, very noticeable changes. 1/15/19 
 I left a review a month ago, but feel another review is in order, and that is because my results keep getting better! I am happy that I can now be more active. I can walk and don't feel pain anymore. My life has changed for the better! 
 I had severe neck pain and stiffness, and pain, numbness and tingling in my back. I was treated by 2 neutologists, 3 physical therapists, 2 accupuncturists, 2 other chiropractors, and 2 vestibular clinics. From the PT and accupuncture, I had some relief, however I still felt like my neck was twisted and my gait was off when I walked. I heard about this office from my friend's mother at a dinner event. After only 2 months of treatments from Dr. Manago, I am feeling at about 95% in my back now. The pain, numbness and tingling is gone. My neck has better motion and is really improving. I am so thankful for this treatment center. 
 I'm Janiza's mom writing this review. Following a car accident my daugthter was in a year ago, her knee began popping on its own. No one else was able to treat her and just said she will be ok. But when her dad started getting treated by Dr. Manago, we decided to get her evaluated by him. She has only had treatments for a month and her knee is no longer popping. She is so happy because now she can get back into her sports, soccer and Kiu Jitsu. 
Renee Skrip
 In mid-March, I began having the worst, most excruciating, pain I have ever had! I couldn't even move my neck. I went to an urgent care but they couldn't determine what caused it so they only gave me muscle relaxers, which didn't help at all. The next day, I went to see Dr. Manago. After seeing him for only a month, I feel that my results have been amazing! I would give him 10 Stars if I could! 
 Ive had many years of pain in my upper back and shoulders. I wake up with pain in the night as well as mornings. Ive seen many chiropractors, which would remove pain for a few weeks but it would always return. My husband found Dr. Manago and now we go together. Ive had wonderful results. I now sleep through the night without pain. I dont have pain in my upper back, and I have great overall energy. 
 I first came to Dr. Manago's office mid October with back pain. My family are the ones who referred me. Since then, I've had a fantastic recovery. My back pain is gone and life is getting back to normal. 
Tiffany Su
 I came to see Dr. Manago a few months ago because I had pain in my lower back and bad bowel movements/digestive issues. Since being treated, I have the best digestive/bowel movements. 
 I found Dr. Manago through a web search online two weeks ago. I had very severe sciatic pain in glute/hip and was sharp and deterred me from functioning normally. I have improvement in movement, improved flexibility, stopped tingling in fingers and much less pain. 1/18/19 
Cole McKechnie
 Two months ago I came in to see Dr. Manago for a pars defect in my lower back which led to swollen discs that prevented me from living my everyday life. I'd previously been treated by many physical therapists, which gave me great results but it was more for maintenance and didn't fix the underlying problem. From Dr. Manago's treatments, I have great results. My pain is completely gone and I am able to play water polo again. 
Natalia Kennington
 I have 2 herniated discs in my lower back that were casuing major neck pain on the right side of my neck and shoulder. I had major knots, numbness, and felt weak all the time. An attorney referred my husband to Dr. Manago and after I saw his results, I wanted to be evaluated. I went to see him in mid November and in less than a month, I saw amazing, excellent results and so fast! 
 I'd been having headaches 3x a week and lower and upper back pain, caused by life in general and being in retail. I found Dr. Manago through Vitality Wellness Night event. I came to this office in mid January and I am already feeling so much better. Optimal health is the goal and Dr. Manago has helped me identify my problem and fix it. No more headaches and my back is feeling so good. 
 I was suffering from chronic low to medium pain in my left hip that physical therapy didnt resolve, and only provided temporary relief. Several of my friends recommended I try Dr. Manago and now my pain is gone! I feel so much more flexible and vital! 
 I was having lower back and neck pain which started years ago and the severity increased after I had an injury. My mom had gone to Dr. Manago and received complete pain relief after a severe back injury so I decided to see him as well. After treatmemts for two momths, I no longer have neck pain and my back pain is much less. 
 For 3 years, I was experiencing severe sciatic pain from my lower back down my left leg all the way to my toes. The pain was constant but became progressively worse over time. During that time, I was seeing another chiropractor who used popping and cracking techniques. Although these gave me some immediate relief after each session, the relief was only temporary and did not resolve the underlying issues. Finally, my father referred me to Dr. Manago. After seeing him for just over 3 months, I have significant improvements in pain reduction and improved range of movement! 
 I was experiencing pain in my left knee and Dr. Manago's treatments have almost eliminated my pain! Thank you! 
 After a surgery, I was experiencing severe joint pain and post surgeryn complications. Dr. Manago has helped me heal and I now have significant improvement in spine mobility so far. 
 I had severe lower back pain for which I had surgery in 2012 to correct disc herniation. Even still, the pain re-occurs periodically. I also have tinnitus. I was referred to Dr. Manago. Since seeing him for just a month, I'm improving significantly and am looking forward to continued improvement. 
 I had been experiencing sciatic pain in both of my legs after a knee injury. It was severe and there were times where I couldnt walk. Following treatment from Dr. Manago, my results were great and my sciatic pain is much less and improving with each treatment. 
Steve Borja
 I had very sharp and sudden low back pain that was to the point of where it prevented me from sitting down for long. Another chiropractor adjusted me but it was of little help, and he told me I was fine. My sister referred me to Dr. Manago and since being treated by him, I've had significant results. My lower back pain is almost completely gone. 
 I'd been to see an orthopedist and physical therapist for my lower back pain but none gave me permanent relief of my symptoms. Dr. Manago's treatments were very different, correcting my spine rather than just relieving pain. I've been making incremental progress each visit. My back is less tense and I'm getting stronger. 
 I first came to Dr. Manago's office Mid-Summer of 2017. I had intense sciatica pain that was felt from my right hip to my ankle. The pain was very severe, probably at least an "8" on a "10" point scale. I went to 7-8 doctors for help and some wanted to put steel rods and screws all the way up my back (from both sides)! No one was offering realistic, non-invasive answers. I had no progress on resolving my health issues with the other doctors. My wife went through Dr. Manago's program and achieved impressive results. So, I thought I'd give it a try. Not only did my sciatica pain go away, but a recent MRI of my spine showed a pronounced healing of a herniated disc. This is empirical evidence of what Dr. Manago can do. My doctors were shaking their heads in disbelief and couldn't figure out how this happened.  
 I learned about Dr. Manago through a friend and decided to go see him for my very painful back problems which were preventing me from walking. Now my back feels great and I can move again! Thank you! 
Clare Rubel
 I had a slip and fall accident that was sudden and debilitating. On the recommendation of several people I knew, I went to Dr. Manago. My results were outstanding! He fixed the problems I had with my spine that I couldn't have gotten fixed any other way. 
 I was having severe back back and neck pain for almost 8 years. I had tried Japanese acupuncture but it didnt' work and the pain persisted. After 3 months of getting treated here, my back and neck pain are 60% better! 
Steve Borja
 My lower back pain for the last 3-4 months was preventing me from sitting down for long and it hurt my back to lift my leg. Another chiropractor I went to first told me I was fine and didn't have any major problem. He advised me to work out my back and that I should be fine, but I wasn't. My sister referred me to Dr. Manago. Since being treated by him for just under a month, I've had significant results with reduced lower back pain, which is getting better and better. I'm able to sit for longer and lift my legs now. I'm confident that all the pain will eventually be gone. 
 I was suffering from headaches caused by pregnancy. When a different chiropractor wasnt able to fix the problem, my friend sent me to Dr. Manago. My headaches are gone, I have less pain and more energy. 
Steve Borja
 My lower back began to hurt around July. I wasn't able to sit for long periods of time. After seeing another chiropractor who told me I was fine yet my pain continued, my sister told me about Dr. Manago. Now just a couple of months later, I feel great. Most all of my pain is gone and I can sit for longh periods of time now. 
Steve L.
 I first came to the office of Dr. Manago in August 2018. Had severe back pain; numbness in left leg and foot. Symptoms started in 2011 all of a sudden. Not sure how or why, but the pain prevented me from every activity or I did everything half-ass. I was treated by other physicians and sometimes the pain would temporarily subside, sometimes not. Usually a quick fix for a few days of relief. I was referred to Dr. Manago by the V.A. The results I have had with Dr. Manago have been significant. It has gotten so that I go through the day and don’t even notice that I once had debilitating back pain.  
 I came to see Dr. Manago in April with awful pain in my hip and back. Ive had this pain for 6 months. I was miserable all the time. My pain also prevented me from playing competitive tennis for the entire 6 months. I did see other doctors and physical therapists but only got temporary relief. Just a few weeks of treatments has me with zero pain!! Amazing! 
 I'd been suffering with neck and low back pain on and off for 15 years. I went to physical therapy which was somewhat helpul and also a regular chiropractor which did not help at all. I came to see Dr. Manago i8n July and had treatments for a month. I've made great progress and now my low back pain is gone! 
 My pain started when I was rear ended on the freeway. It was bad. I had a veryn stiff neck and back, numbness in my fingers, a pinched nerve, and headaches. I first went to another chiropractor who just cracked my back and hurt me more than he helped me. My pain and pinched nerve didnt go away. My lawyer sent me to Dr. Manago. After a few weeks of treatments, I feel much better. My neck and back have shown great improvements so far. I can't thank Dr. Manago enough for the progress that I've made. Thanks so much. 
 I came to see Dr. Manago after being referred here, and after PT and other chiropractor offered no improvement for my neck pain/stiffness and upper left arm soreness. After Dr. Manago's treatments so far, I have less neck and arm soreness and better overall body posture. 
Antonia Santamaria
 I had back pain, but the main reason I came to Dr. Manago is because I had a lock jaw and when the dentist put it back into place, I didnt feel better. My face was numb from my cheek to my whole mouth. I only got pain meds and muscle relaxers from the dentist. In just 3 weeks of treatments here, the results are amazing. I felt the difference immediately. I was able to open my mouth more and started to feel more sensation and less numbness. My back is also feeling better. 
 Since my 20s, I've had pain in my neck an shoulders. It got progressively worse and sometimes the pain got so strong that I couldn't sleep. I found Dr Manago on the internet and so happy that I did. I have a lot of improvement so far and feel a lot better. 
 I had seen other doctors for pain in my left arm and lower back tightness but all that got me was temporary relief that only addressed my symptoms. I took my wife's advice to see Dr. Manago and now just over 2 months later, I'm finally feeling increasing flexibilty in my body movement without tightness and relief of my lower back tightness. 
 I had overall throbbing pain in my entire body. I was in constant whole body pain 24/7. My lower back, middle back, and neck hurt severely and the pain radiated to my arms and legs. I received treatments from Dr. Manago and after only a month, my overall throbbingt and body pain is gone! The radiating pain down my arms has stopped. My leg pain is almost gone. I'm hopeful that my spine will be fully corrected with continued treatments. 
 I had chronic discomfort in my left hip and my neck was misaligned. I'd been to a physical therapist but it didn't resolve my problems. I was referred to Dr. Manago by a friend and after only a month, my hip feels great! And I'm now committed to continue with treatments to completley resolve my neck issues as well. 
Tara Oldridge
 I found Dr. Manago through a google search two weeks ago. I had pain in my neck that made me crazy for 6 months. It got so bad that I couldn't even think. I have seen other doctors and the results were temporary. I am amazingly mobile again! I can move, sleep and feel normal again. 1/21/19  
Andrew McAlister
 I suffered a very severe lower back injury from Crossfit. It was very painful to walk, stand and drvie. Dr. Manago has been treating me now for less than a month and already I am going days at a time without pain! I'm at least 60% improved so far 🙂 
 I have had very severe pain for 55 years as a result of a combat injury. It began in 1965 and then restarted again in October 2019. Other chiropractor gave me zero improvement so I stopped seeing him! I found Dr. Manago on Google. I have no more pain any longer after only 2 months of treatments! 
 I had an injury 8 months ago which left me with severe pain. A neighbor recommended I see Dr. Manago. My results are very successful and I'm now pain free after less than 2 months of treatment. 
 I worked in the food industry for 3 years, working 8-12 hour shifts daily, which resulted in my having severe low back pain and soreness in the back of my neck. I was referred to Manago Chiropractic by my best friend and his treatments have helped so much. I can now sit and stand for more than a few hours without pain compared to not being able to sit or stand for less than an hour at a time. 
 I had a pinched sciatica that started in 1965 after a helicopter crash. Most recently flared up causing excrutiating pain in Octobert 2019. This time, I don't know the cause. I found Dr. Manago after another chiropractor couldn't help me. Since going to Dr. Manago since October 2019, I now have 100% recovery. 
 I recently fell down the stairs and suffered a bad back injury. I was unable to sleep due to pain. I saw an orthopedist who did an MRI who wasn't able to help me since I wasn't a surgery candidate. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Manago, who is a patient of his. After treatments, I am feeling much better and finally able to sleep again! 
 I was having major back pain in my lower back and could barely move. I had once been to Dr. Manago in the past so decided to see him for my current pain as well. My results have been great - my pain is gone! 
 I was suffering from TMJ which was caused by whiplash, and dual bite, neck and lower back pain. I first tried physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage, none of which cured my problems, just helped me mamage the pain. Wanting to try a different approach, I went to see Dr. Manago and 2 months later, I amn 70% better. I feel great and have a better attitude because I know theres hope for full recovery. 
 I was having really bad sciatic pain on both of my legs all the way down to my feet. It started after a knee injury. I had PT for my knee which helped my knee but thats when I started to feel sciatic pain. After Dr. Manago's treatments for just a month, Wow! My results are incredible. I feel like Dr. Manago has switched out my bad body parts and replaced them with new ones! I am extremely happy with my results. No more sciatic pain or minimal at its worst. Thank you Dr. Manago. I'm blessed to have found you. 
 I came in to see Dr. Manago in April after 2 friends recommended him to help with chronic soreness in my hip and tightness in my neck. It's July now and already I'm feeling very perky. Pain and aches are gone and occasional bouts quickly disappear. I can also lift more weight now without back strain. 
 I have scoliosis from my early teen years I believe. The pain runs from my low pack and down my left leg. 15-20 years ago, I had chirpractor adjustments and PRP in both knees. I also saw an orthopedic doctor for my knee which gave me some relief. Finally I was referred here by some friends and after just 3 weeks of treatments, I already see very good results. I have less back pain and minimal pain in my left leg. 
Serena Romero
 I came to see Dr. Manago in November, 2018 for tendonitis in my shoulder, neck and had back pain that was so severe I could barely manage to get out of bed some days. It was caused by a car accident over 6 years ago. I had minor and temporary relief from treatment by 3-4 other chiropractors, 1 accupuncturist, an orthopedist, physical therapy, neurologist, pain management and an epidural in my neck and shoulder. I found Dr. Manago through a presentation at my office. Since being treated by Dr. Manago, I have had a 57% improvement in my lower back. I feel stronger and can work a full schedule again. I am in a better mood overall and improved concentration. The reduction of chronic pain has been amazing! 
 I'd had lower back pain from the time I was 7 years old while doing gymnastics. A medical doctor told me I had scoliosis and I was given a back brace. When I came to see Dr. Manago in February, the pain was severe. It turned out one leg was shorter than the other, causing pain. My results since getting treatments from Dr. Manago have been excellent!  
Josh Salazar
 I came in to Dr. Manago with L4 L5 protruding 3mm. I had this condition for a year caused by heavy weight lifting. An orthopedist examined me but I didnt seek treatment from him as surgery was not a desirable option. I chose Dr. Manago as an alternative to surgery after my friend told me aboout him. After just about a month, I see positive more foot numbness or pain. And with my lower back, I now have less pain and sometimes no pain at all 
 About 4 days after a car accident, my neck and back became stiff. I was in pain and it was numbing my neck and back. My attorney sent me to Dr. Manago. Ive had tretments for about 8 weeks and so far my results have been great. My pain has gotten better with each visit. The disc table really seems to be helping my sciatica too. I havent had any problems since I started. 
 My pain in my legs started having having to be on my legs 8-10 hours a day for 5 straight days. I received 2-3 PT treatments but had no change. Dr. Manago helped me. Now I have no pain and am able to walk with greater ease. 
 I was first seen in Dr. Manago's office in November of 2019 due to left sciatic pain going to left ankle for 2-3 months prior to seeing Dr. Manago. It was a moderately severe pain level. I had not been to any other doctors for the condition prior to Dr. Manago as I was afraid they might recommend surgery. I was referred by two friends from my church after they shared their testimony about how Dr. Manago helped ease their pain and health issues. My results have been outstanding and quite miraculous because I did not need surgery after all. I have to do my part to exercise and stretch and I will be much better. 10 STARS!!! March 3, 2019 
 I had tingling and pain down all extremeties. My entire body throbbed in pain. It was very severe and I felt hopeless. Other doctors only provided temporary relief. Six months ago I went to Dr. Manago after my friend referred me and today I no longer have pain down my extremities or throbbing pain. I feel stronger and healthier and have a better quality of life. 
 I was involved in a traffic accident in August of 2019. Afterwards, I started to have pain in my neck and lower back. The ER I went to said I had no injuries and that I was just banged up. Yet I continued to have pain so I went to Dr. Manago who my sister referred me to. Two months later my lower back pain is almost gone. 
Emily Duran
 I had low back pain since my sophomore year. It started gradually. Dr. Manago treated me for a few weeks and now I no longer have back pain. It's completely gone!!! 🙂 
Julie W.
 My husband had surgery on his back and was introduced to Dr. Manago in the early 1980's. With his help my husband has been pain free for many years. I have been resistent in going to a Chiropractor but with my husband's success I decided to give it a try. I had a stiff neck for many years and they were able to relieve the pain I had. I enjoy their holistic approach, not all about cracking bones. 
 I came in to see Dr. Manago for the pain in my back and soreness in my neck which was moderately severe. My exam showed that my right leg was shorter than my left so he gave me a shoe lift. After a mnumbr of treatmenmts, both my back and neck feel drastically better!  
 I had pain for the last 7 years and years of physical therapy and chiropractic treatments which helped but didn't resolve the root of the problem. I was informed about Dr. Manago by my work and learned that he is a chiropractic specialist. My results in just a few weeks have been amazing. I feel very blessed to have found him. 
Monica Delin
 I had been suffering with a lot of chronic pain, poor digestion, headaches and back pain, which was making me very unhappy. I first went to another chiropractor who used popping and cracking, which made my condition even worse! I was referred to Dr. Manago by a family member. So far, I have had great results! I feel like my back pain has improved by 90%, almost 100% healed! 
 I was hit in a car that left me with a stiff neck and lower back pain. I found Dr. Manago through a google search and after a few months of treatments, everything is already healing and coming back to normal. I'm so glad I didnt' try to wait and do this on my own. Let someone who knows help you. 
Lauren Morford
 Ive had scoliosis for 10 years but recently was in a car accident. My pain was severe. All other doctors and therapists Ive seen said they couldnt help. My whole family told me I should go see Dr. Manago. I did and I've had incredibler lessening of pain and numbness and increased range of motion.  
Seymour Schwartz
 I was suffering from back and neck pain. First I went to an orthopedic doctor who gave me steroid injections in my back and neck, which temporarily relieved the symptoms. A friend referred me to Dr. Manago and after seeing him for several treatments, my back pain is gone and my neck pain only comes and goes now 
 After my accident, I was having back, neck and ankle pain. My dad referred me to Dr. Manago. My results have been amazing! I now have zero pain and my tightness is almost gone! I also now have more energy, and no longer feel held back by back pain. Sitting at my office job is not difficult anymore. I am very happy about my results! 
 I have scoliosis. Now after seeing Dr. Manago and receiving treatments, I hace reduced pain and more overall flexibility with confidence! 
 Dr. Manago came to my workplace to do a health class. Since I had been having back pain fo the last couple of years that other doctors were not able to help with, I decided to go see Dr. Manago and my results have been amazing. 
Nan W.
 My entire family receives care from Manago Chiropractic. For 23 years, Dr. Manago keeps me healthy and pain free. I appreciate the personal attention and flexible care plans that allow me to schedule with convenience. All three of my child began care with Dr. Manago within a few weeks of birth. As teenagers, they are healthy and strong athletes that rely on quality care. The light force adjustment technique works for me and my family and we appreciate the professionalism and level of care at Manago Chiropractic. 
 My back pain and pain under my knee caps, limiting my normal life, brought me in to see Dr. Manago in November. Now my pain from my knee caps is gone and back pain is diminishing.  
 At the end of April, I was experiencing sciatica pain which was caused by walking/standing for extended hours for 5 straight days while working a golf tournament. This was a recurrence of what I experienced 6-7 years ago. Initially I was treated for about a month by another chiropractor but it only gave me some relief and improvement. A friend told me to see Dr. Manago which I did in December and now after just a month I no longer have sciatica pain in my buttocks and legs and I have increased mobility and flexibility. 
Dan Davis
 I first came to Dr. Manago's office on January 23rd, 2019. I had severe tingling in my right arm which started around October 2018. I had pain when sitting or extending arm, bending or turning neck, moderate low back pain with 3 herniated discs (L4, L5, S1). I had been treated by a physician, physical therapy and outpatient surgery which reduced pain in lower back. I was referred by my girlfriend to Dr. Manago's office. I have had amazing results in only 3 weeks. Tingling has diminished by about 70%, my range of motion has increased significantly and I have no pain or discomfort in my lower back. February 8, 2019 
 I've had lower back pain since I was 14 years old. Over the years, I've seen other doctors and was even misdiagnosed as having spondylolisthesis, but it turned out I have a 6th lumbar disc. The treatments I was given for that just treated symptoms to relieve repeated pain. After my wife received successful results from Dr. Manago, I decided to see him. I was treated by him for a month so far, and already my lower back is strengthened and my pain is gone! 
 An auto accident in 2006 left me with a pinched neck and lower back. It was extremely severe. I tried various treatments including physical therapy, pain management and ryzotomy, which only gave me temporary relief. Since coming to Dr. Manago, I've had very good improvement, elimated pain meds to date and I have increased neck/back mobility. 
 I first came to Dr. Manago's office in December 2018 after I was in pain due to a car accident. I was not treated by any other doctors for this concern and my Father recommended Dr. Manago. I do not have any more pain and I am back to exercising without any issues. I am so much more comfortable. February 7, 2018  
 After I took a bad fall which caused a severe lower back injury, I was unable to get comfortable and could not sleep well because the pain was constant. I first went to an orthopedic doctor for treatment, which only gave me short-term releif. A friend referred me to Dr. Manago. Now I'm feeling so much better! I'm finally able to sleep normally and even able to work out again!