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How Our Chiropractic Clinic is Different

Manago Chiropractic is a Holistic Health Center combining the specialty of the Light Force adjustment with Non-Invasive Disc Rehabilitation. We actually give patients a long-term correction to the point that they only need as little as 2 visits per year to maintain the correction!

The adjustments are exact, corrective, gentle and safe for all types of conditions and all ages including Senior citizens. Chiropractors provide natural, drugless, non-surgical health treatments and rely on the body’s inherent recuperative abilities. As Chiropractic Physicians, we typically diagnose and treat patients whose health problems are associated with the body’s muscular, nervous, and skeletal systems. In your treatment protocol, we use thermography to locate abnormal pathology or function in the body and to monitor health and wellness. Thermology is also used to measure autonomic nerve function. Manago Chiropractic uses the Light Force method and thermology to safely and gently help patients identify signs of progress and gauge where there is room for improvement on the path to greater wellness. We may also recommend changes in your lifestyle, incorporation of exercise, nutrition and postural programs.

The Chiropractic Doctors of Manago Chiropractic are experts at locating and analyzing improper placement of the vertebrae and correcting subluxations, enabling the body to return to its proper alignment. This is key in correcting the “vertebral subluxation complex,” which can interfere with your body’s normal functioning and long-term health.

The spine and the nerves that connect to it are part of an incredibly complex systems that require years of study to understand. While all doctors receive basic training on the health and care of the musculoskeletal system, they simply aren’t educated on all of the conditions that afflict it and their proper treatments. Surgery or long term use of narcotic pain medications are usually the only two options offered to patients with disorders like sciatica, compressed discs, or chronic pain with no apparent cause. Doctors of chiropractic care specifically focus on the health of the spine and nerves alone. If you’ve sought help from other doctors and received sparse testing or a general lack of interest in your care, visiting our clinic in Mission Viejo could change your life.

What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment?

The practice of chiropractic care is based around the concept that a healthy spine follows a normal alignment. When the spine becomes misaligned, discs and the nerves around them are easily compressed. Restoring natural alignment often relieves the pain and other symptoms that resisted more conventional treatments. The chiropractor applies a small amount of focused pressure to move vertebrae and to loosen joints that have become frozen in an incorrect position. Once the spine is aligned, it’s easier to access damaged nerves or relieve muscle tension that are also contributing to your discomfort.  Choosing Manago Chiropractic for your chiropractic needs offers you a safer, more gentle form of chiropractic care since our facility and providers are equipped to offer you treatment with the Light Force adjustment method.

Is A Chiropractic Adjustment Safe?

Many people worry that the popping noises and feelings of adjustment are causing damage to the spine. Through the use of Light Force adjustments we are able to treat cases that would normally be surgical cases and help our patients prevent the need for surgery. Thermography allows us to identify problem areas in your spine and nervous system and monitor the improvement before and after each adjustment. Thermography technology also allows us to deliver more localized, precise care throughout your treatment.  During physical therapy we use Non-Invasive Disc Rehabilitation (via our disc table) to rehabilitate degenerating or herniated discs.  Our Light Force treatment method is so gentle and they are chiropractors effective that we use these tools on every patient in every treatment, with the exception of children who do not receive any electrical physical therapy. We also specialize in treating Auto Accident cases because the adjustments are done with only 6 oz of pressure minimizing the discomfort for the patient. There is no popping noise and no twisting of the spine.

What Can Chiropractic Adjustment Do For Me?

If you are struggling with chronic pain, neuropathy symptoms like numbness, or low back pain, the issue may lie with your 24 vertebrae. A series of Light Force adjustments at Manago Chiropractic  could restore proper alignment, improve your posture, relieve any number of related symptoms, and restore greater flexibility and range of motion. Many issues that affect the limbs originate in the spine, and therefore respond well to adjustment.

Is Non-Invasive Disc Rehabilitation Painful?

There is nothing painful about the disc rehabilitation we do.  The table does three gentle types of therapy at the same time.  There is Infrared heat to create more circulation, mechanical traction done with a gentle roller system, and a sonar-type wave of energy that vibrates the cells of the disc to stimulate the proper exchange of fluid.  This allows the disc to return as close as possible to its normal size without the need for surgery.What Are The Symptoms Of Cervical Spine Compression?

  • Bulging and herniated discs noted on imaging tests
  • Unusual wear to the spinal joints
  • Nerve root damage that causes fatigue, chronic pain, and tingling
  • Lack of flexibility and stiffness in the neck

Don’t worry – you don’t have to decide which chiropractic treatments are right for you. Come in for an evaluation at our Mission Viejo office and we will discuss all of your options and make recommendations based on your lifestyle and needs.

Our clinic is OPEN and SANITIZED to provide you a safe environment. Schedule today and get back to doing what you LOVE!