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As a Chiropractor in Mission Viejo, I am often referred to as the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo. However, I am actually considered to be a WELLNESS CONSULTANT.  What that means is that when I look at a new patient when he or she first comes in, I consult from the point of view of whether or not I can get them well again.  

The true job of a Wellness Consultant is to find the absolute, underlying cause of a problem and fix that.  Fixing the root of an issue actually gives a person the chance to truly get well, rather than just treating the symptoms allowing them to find temporary alleviation. It can be quite difficult to discover the root problem because usually when a patient comes in, they have many symptoms that are forcing them to get help.  

Although people usually come to me for pain relief and essentially symptom relief, being perfectly well is the actual objective. No one wants to have a lot of attention, time, and energy spent on trying to repair temporary issues that may return because the real problem has yet to be repaired.  

In other words, when a patient comes in looking for a Chiropractor in Mission Viejo, they usually have pain that they cannot get rid of but are often ignoring the real issues that cause the pain such as a lack of exercise or a healthy diet, sleep deprivation, or even too much alcohol consumption. It is important to understand your body and the symptoms you are feeling, which are essential to helping me identify the root of your pain. 

Finding the true cause of a problem allows us to put together an actual plan to get rid of that problem so your pain relief is long-term rather than temporary. My job, as a specialist, is to holistically treat you and find and repair the issues in your body that most other people have overlooked. Every treatment I conduct is measured using THERMOGRAPHY to determine exactly how much irritation there is in the spine, and then measuring the improvement during every visit to determine exactly what you need going forward so the problem can ultimately be eliminated. 

Because we use THERMOGRAPHY to measure and determine the best treatment plan, we actually get much better results than other treatment approaches. The adjustments are done with 6 ounces of pressure instead of the traditional “popping and cracking” of the spine, which has been considered to be more successful in the longer-term.

Directly stated, we get results that other people don’t!

Previous patients often tell me that I am the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo and that we are the best Mission Viejo Chiropractic Office. And, they say that for 3 distinct reasons: We really care about our patients. We are extremely thorough. And, most importantly we achieve results.

My purpose is to help as many people as possible get well and have a better life. We care more than 110% and we all love all of our patients. Everyone that comes in is part of the family!

Currently, about 14% of the population is going to or has gone to a Chiropractor. Yet, the biggest expense in health care is DRUGS. The question is, why rely on symptom-relieving drugs when we have a 98% chance of helping you and in turn bettering your life? 

For instance, over 60% of people in the United States go to the dentist because they know that 2 visits per year is the key to preventing tooth decay.  

On the same note, if people visited the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo, who specializes in restoring health through freeing the nervous system, they could allow their body to fully heal and reach their maximum health potential. That might be a bold statement, but that is exactly what happens.

If you look at what your body does in response to a cut on your arm, you can see that the body heals itself if it’s functioning correctly! That’s the way our bodies are built. Pain is not the norm. 

The only way to discover if your symptomatic pain can be treated through a chiropractor is to schedule your initial visit with a wellness consultant. This visit typically consists of a consultation, an examination, and a set of x-rays, if needed. The normal cost of this consultation is around $290. But, for you, right now, it is only $25!!

That’s $25 to find out if you can restore your health back to its maximum capacity through the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo. 

Just mention that you saw this blog when you come in!

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