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Manago Chiropractic

David Manago, DC and his Manago Chiropractic staff, office, and skills are one-of-a kind. Most of his patients get well and stay well with his unique treatment options. “I believe in gentle healing for long-term health,” says Dr. David Manago. “My unique treatment options help your body be the best it can.”

David Manago, DC

Light Force Adjustment Specialist

David Manago, DC and his Manago Chiropractic staff, office and skills are one-of-a kind. Patients get well and stay well with his unique treatment options. “I believe in gentle treatment producing a corrected spine, which leads to optimum healing and long- term health”. The frequency of the treatment is like Dental care. Once a patient has been corrected, he usually only needs 2 treatments per year to stay well, just like cleaning your teeth. As a graduate of the Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Research the treatment is done with 6 ounces of pressure. And, Thermography is used to determine that the exact complete adjustment is accomplished with every visit. When we combine that with Non-Invasive Disc Rehabilitation, people heal and get well better than they ever have before. “My unique treatment helps your body be the best it can be and stay that way with only 2 – 4 treatments per year to maintain it”.

Debbie Del Rio

Massage Therapist

Debbie Del Rio is an intuitive Reiki Master Teacher and a Licensed Massage Therapist. Her expertise and proficiency is with many modalities of healing.Her training and gentle personality uniquely qualifies her for the sensitivity required in the art of healing.Debbie’s goal is to empower people to reach their highest potential. She is an intuitive healer, licensed massage therapist and 6 degree black belt in Ninjutsu. She offers insight into areas for healing the body. She is proficient in many healing modalities and continues to expand her expertise.

Valerie Manago

Neuropathy Technician & Weight Loss Consultant

Valerie Manago is a Native of CA, growing up in the Bay Area and getting a degree from SFSU with Magnum Cum Laude honors. She soon learned that health was her passion.This passion was made simple after meeting Dr. Manago. They married two years later. Valerie has been a major part of Manago Chiropractic for the last 27 years.Seeing the need to help people she worked hard and has held the title of Neuropathy Technician and Weight Loss Consultant.Valerie is proud to work along side David Manago, DC.