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If you are seeking better health and peak performance, you’ve come to the right place. Doctor of chiropractic, David Manago, has treated tens of thousands of chiropractic patients since 1984. Manago Chiropractic solves all kinds of problems. We use gentle Chiropractic techniques, always, to get you out of pain and on with life.

Dr. Manago’s care relieves pain, helps to maintain your spine once the cause of the problem is corrected, improves your energy levels and overall health, and much more through exact spinal corrections.

We offer Light Force Adjustment: Gentle Healing

Most doctors use force to make Chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Manago uses 6 oz. of pressure to make adjustments and Thermography to find the irritation and determine when the spine is stabilized. This helps the body to get the most healing.

The patients love the treatment method because it is so gentle. And, once corrected, most people only need between 2 and 4 adjustments per year to maintain.

David Manago, D.C.

Light Force Adjustment Specialist

Proudly Serving Mission Viejo for Over 36 Years

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David Manago, DC and his Manago Chiropractic staff, office and skills are one-of-a-kind. Patients get well and stay well with his unique treatment options. “I believe in gentle treatment producing a corrected spine, which leads to optimum healing and long-term health”. The frequency of the treatment is like Dental care. Once a patient has been corrected, he usually only needs 2 treatments per year to stay well, just like cleaning your teeth.

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Mission Viejo Chiropractic Services

Massage Therapy

Massage is an ancient art. Studies continue to prove the physical, and emotional benefits of even a single massage therapy session. As the number of proven health benefits grows, so do the number of individuals who turn to Manago Chiropractic for a more balanced lifestyle.

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Neck Pain

Neck pain can affect your ability to drive safely, look after your children, or just get around in busy crowds. Neck pain is a sign from your body telling you that something is not right. Get your neck pain checked out by a chiropractor.

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Sciatica is when nerves act up by too much irritation or compression. It typically occurs at the base of your spine, and causes pain to shoot down one or both legs.

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Neuropathy Treatment

If you are suffering from numbness and or tingling, Dr. Manago and the team at Manago Chiropractic are ready to help. Manago Chiropractic provides specialized treatment plans for neuropathy in Mission Viejo.

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Nerve Irritation

Nerve irritations are caused by pressure exerted on a nerve in your spine. It can be extremely painful and is best treated when it is addressed at the first symptom of pain. Dr. Manago uses Thermography to locate and correct the nerve irritation in your spine. Don’t wait until it becomes unbearable.

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Back Pain

Do you have back pain? Whether it’s upper, mid or lower back pain, Chiropractic is the best choice for most people since it does not contain the negative side effects of medications or surgery.

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Are you done feeling sick and tired all the time? You don’t have to suffer! Are you dealing with daily aches and pains? Chiropractic may be the solution to these issues.

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Auto Accidents

Auto accident injuries affect more than you might think! The pain from whiplash or other auto accident injuries can get worse over time, especially if not treated.

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Disc Pain

When a disc bulges or degenerates, you may have tremendous pain. You only have so many options when you have this problem. Dr. Manago uses a proven success system of Non-Invasive Disc Rehabilitation to avoid the need for unnecessary, potentially failed back surgery.

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Supervised Weight Loss

Choosing a medically supervised weight loss program at Manago Chiropractic will ensure you lose weight quickly and safely. Speak with one of our weight loss experts to learn about new options for getting fit.

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There can be many causes for a headache, but one thing is certain – this pain is truly debilitating. A chiropractor can help sort out head and neck issues that are causing headaches.

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