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Free Consultation,
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Free Consultation,
Exam & X-Rays
(if needed)

$290 Value!

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Choosing the Right Chiropractor is Crucial!
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Q. Is Chiropractic Safe?

A. Absolutely. Chiropractic is part of an entire facet of medicine called “holistic medicine.” What this means is that we treat the entire person, rather than just the condition. By doing so, chiropractic can ensure that we are not overlooking an injury or condition in one part of the body by focusing so intently on another part. Further, our chiropractic techniques are gentle and safe. Everything we do here is proven and supported by the American Chiropractic Association. If you still have concerns, feel free to call us.

Q.What Does Chiropractic Treat?

A. Most people think of chiropractors as back doctors, but we treat SO much more! Not only do we service all types of pain all over the body including arthritic pain, neuropathy and nerve damage, injuries, and so forth but we also treat things like headaches & migraines, sleeplessness, TMJ, and more! For a comprehensive outline of what we serve (and whom) call us today!

Q.How Do I Choose a Good Chiropractor?

A. We get this question a lot and for years, the answer has remained the same! Seek five primary qualities:

1. Convenience.

2. Courteousness.

3. Capability.

4. Comprehensive Care.

5. Customer Reviews.

This will ensure that you are getting the best chiropractor for your needs.

Q.Why Choose Chiropractic Over Other Methods of Care?

A. Well, consider this. Other pain remedies have risks, side effects, and overall problems while Chiropractic has none. You can try medication but you will find that it just masks the pain. (Not to mention, medications can be habit-forming which is even more dangerous!) You can try injections but you will find them to be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and risky. The underlying problem here is that all other treatments just numb the pain over until they wear off. Chiropractic care doesn’t wear off. Our results stick because we source the pain.

For a New Patient Special

Free Exam, Consultation
& 20 Minute Massage

$150 Value
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Are you done feeling sick and tired all the time? You don't have to suffer! Are you dealing with daily aches and pains? Chiropractic may be the solution to these issues.

Nerve irritations are caused by pressure exerted on a nerve in your spine. It can be extremely painful and is best treated when it is addressed at the first symptom of pain. Don't wait until it becomes unbearable.

When a Disc slips or degenerates, you may have tremendous pain. You only have so many options when you have a herniated or slipped disc.

An occupational, or work injury is any sort of bodily damage resulting from working. There are many different kinds of injuries one can sustain at work, from a slip or fall, to a chronic injury, like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sciatica is when nerves act up by too much irritation or compression. It typically occurs at the base of your spine, and causes pain to shoot down one or both legs.

There can be many causes for a headache, but one thing is certain - this pain is truly debilitating. A chiropractor can help sort out head and neck issues that are causing headaches.

Auto accident injuries affect more than you might think! The pain from whiplash or other auto accident injuries can get worse over time, especially if not treated.

Neck pain can affect your ability to drive safely, look after your children, or just get around in busy crowds. Neck pain is a sign from your body telling you that something is not right. Get your neck pain checked out by a chiropractor.

Do you have back pain? Whether it's upper, mid or lower back pain, Chiropractic is the best choice for most people since it does not contain the negative side effects of medications or surgery.

For a New Patient Special

Free Exam, Consultation
& 20 Minute Massage

$150 Value
Limited Time Special!

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